NovaWorld :: Classic Zaken


11 Jan 2019

Hello, We want to inform you that we have successfully launched!

We wish you happy gameplay!

NovaWorld Files

04 Jan 2019


We want to inform you that we have uploaded our project systems for you to download.
OBT opens 18:00 GMT +2 (In 1hour 14minutes).

NovaWorld Opening Dates

31 Dec 2018

We want to inform you that we have finally settled for Grand Opening date.
NovaWorld Classic OBT will start 2019-01-04 18:00GMT+2(Friday).
NovaWorld Classic Grand opening will start 2019-01-11 20:00GMT+2(Friday).
We will be waiting for you!

Мы хотим сообщить вам, что мы наконец договорились о дате торжественного открытия.
NovaWorld Classic OBT начнется 2019-01-04 18: 00GMT + 2 (пятница).
Торжественное открытие NovaWorld Classic начнется 2019-01-11 20:00 по Гринвичу + 2 (пятница).
Мы будем ждать вас!

New information

28 Dec 2018

Hello Community!
We want to inform you that we have finally implemented SGuard security system to our project! This means BETA date will be released soon as project is already prepared for BETA testing! Stay tuned!


Привет, Сообщество!
Мы хотим сообщить вам, что мы наконец-то внедрили систему безопасности SGuard в наш проект! Это означает, что дата БЕТА будет опубликована в ближайшее время, так как проект уже подготовлен к бета-тестированию! Оставайтесь в курсе!

NovaWorld - Classic: Zaken

12 Dec 2018

Hello, Community!
We are glad to announce that we have finally finished developing our L2 Classic Zaken update files, which will be the base of our project.
We have scouted among many of server and found the best available features for our fresh Classic project.

We want to inform you that soon we will be releasing OBT opening date. We're happily inviting to join and get introduce to our new gameplay. More information will be added soon!

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