• Is forbidden to use any bug (server error). If you notice an error of the game - tell it to our website bug tracker section. If the error is very serious, and think that they can not be made public - write us an e-mail. If the error is serious enough - recompense, it notified the person.
  • Impersonating Administrators, "GM" or their "friends." Administration of the game does not have friends.
  • Do not use any additional programs (such as L2walker, Hlapex etc..), Which makes the game or change its course.
  • Server Administration is not responsible for any of the items, exp. and other elements of the game losses. None of the items will be returned or compensated.
  • Respect other players! Racist, Nazi or other offensive content of comments in respect of the other players will not be tolerated. Violators will be punished.
  • Any administration charge must be proven visual material. Original, unedited screenshots or videos. Otherwise, the report will be considered defamation.
  • Please try to make the game enjoyable and fair. If you see something that violates the rules, please notify the administration. Other associates do not be a fraud!
  • All information contained in the database are the property of the Administration, and not barter or sell players or objects outside the server. Also, do not rent, share, swap or sell their accounts, characters and items to other players.
  • If you do not send SMS from your phone number and the phone number owner expresses a complaint - your character is permanently blocked.


Ignore of the rules does not exempt from liability. The Administration reserves the right to change the rules mentioned here, before it announced that it had. Disregard for the rules at the various penalties, which include (but are not limited to):

  • Kick the player is disconnected from the game once.
  • Chat-Ban player will be banned from the game chat to communicate in real time.
  • Jail will be limited to the player's freedom of action, closing it in a game room, no possibility of escape for some time.
  • The character of the character bank will no longer be possible to join.
  • Bank Account With account and all the characters surrounding  will be impossible to connect.
  • IP Ban All account, and they contain characters will no longer be possible to join.
  • Bios banks will be banned from visiting our web link, forum link to the server or any other ways to use our servers or services from your computer.


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