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Upon paying for virtual items in NovaWorld Store, you agree that you are NOT entitled to receive any further support in case of any other issue you may have in future with your account, such as scam/account-stealing/ban from server.
- Purchasing virtual items from NovaWorld store must acknowledge that NovaWorld is selling L2J Gameserver Services legally with the GNU L2J Licence.
- Upon delivery of virtual items, the delivered items may NOT be exchanged for other items.
- If any of our client's account is terminated for any reason, he or she is not entitled to a reimbursment.
- Virtual Items received will not be replaced if they are lost, or dropped in game.
- If Virtual Items received and get stolen, will NOT be returned the owner.
- All payments are final. The client must accept that paying for Virtual Items on NovaWorld Store is non-refundable and cannot be recalled.
- NovaWorld has the right to modify this agreement without the prior notice or consent of any other party.

Privacy Policy
Welcome to NovaWorld. This policy covers how NovaWorld protects and uses the collected information about the user. NovaWorld protects the privacy of all users who visit to see or use NovaWorld Store. The purpose of the Privacy Policy informs you about the information we collect, share and protect when you visit or use our NovaWorld Store or our NovaWorld Gameserver. By using NovaWorld Store & Gameserver you are agreeing this Privacy Policy is posted.
Please note if the user is under the age of 13, the user must get consent of a parent or legal guardian to access NovaWorld Store. In any case user is under 13 year old and he try to purchsase services of NovaWorld Store and we discover after the virtual items are deliver, user may be banned permanently for server since NovaWorld Gameserver is allowed only for people over 13 years old.

Payments Safety and Security
NovaWorld goal is to provide you a safe and convenient online gaming experience. By purchasing anything from NovaWorld store and using any of our payment methods to purchse your virtual items or services your founds are safe and your items or services may be delivered in the same time or it can take up to 4 hours till the delivery depending on the service you are buying.

NovaWorld staff contact information
NovaWorld is using server domain for email (support@novaworld.eu) and Skype (NovaWorldSupport) to deal with the clients of our Gameserver, you can email us at support@novaworld.eu in order to get more details about your requests or you can use Skype to contact us. For skype better use the Skype button in NovaWorld Store bottom to add us as contact for more safety or you can just add in your contacts 'NovaWorldSupport' the first contact that appears in your skype contact add list (rest are fake users).

Server Status
Statistics automatically updates every 2 minutes.
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